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1. 7.5 mg of morphine sulphate I/M starts from an ampule of 10mg is to be administered how many ml of this drug is to be administered in the correct dose
(A) 0.5 ml
(B) 0.85 ml
(C) 0.75 ml
(D) 1.5 ml

2. While pouring the liquid medicine from a bottle into an ounce glass, the label of the bottle is
(A) Right hand
(B) Any side
(C) Against the hand
(D) Left side

3. Insulin is injected in to
(A) Intradermal
(B) Intrathecal
(C) Subcutaneous
(D) Intramuscular

4. Before administering the medicine to a patient, a nurse checks the prescription
(A) Three times
(B) Four times
(C) Two times
(D) One time

5. The tube feeding should be delayed if the amount of gastric content (residual) exceeds.
(A) 25 ml
(B) 50 ml
(C) 20 ml
(D) 30 ml

6. A nursing intervention designed to decrease the risk of infection in a patient with an indwelling cathefer include-
(A) Cleanse the area around the meatus
(B) Empty catheter drainage bag at least daily
(C) Change catheter tubing and bag every 48 hrs
(D) Maintain intake of 1200-1500 ml every day

7. While lifting a patient, a nurse bends on her
(A) Hips and knees
(B) Back only
(C) Hips and back
(D) Back and knees

8. To give fowler’s position to a patient, the head end of the bed is raised to
(A) 15° angle
(B) 45° angle
(C) 35° angle
(D) 60° angle

9. Infusion of 1000ml of normal saline over 12 hrs. require how many drops per minute when the drop factor is 15 drops/minute
(A) 17 drops/minute
(B) 23 drops/minute
(C) 15 drops/minute
(D) 21 drops/minute

10. Above what body temperature, the term “Hyperpyrexia” is used-
(A) 101°F
(B) 105°F
(C) 103°F
(D) 107°F


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