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Q1. During ABG analysis blood is collected from
(A) Artery
(B) Vein
(C) Capillary
(D) It can be taken from any site

Q2. Cessation of breathing For a short period is –
(A) Orthopnea
(B) Apnea
(C) Dyspnea
(D) Bradypnea

Q3. Oxygen saturation is measured by
(A) Pulse oximeter
(B) Pulse transducer
(C) Thermometer
(D) Manometer

Q4. A nurse assesses the patient’s respiratory status, which of the following symptoms be an early indicator of hypoxia in an unconscious patient.
(A) Dcreased respiration
(B) Cyanosis
(C) Restlessness
(D) Hypotension

Q5. Priority attention required for an unconscious patient is
(A) Nutrition
(B) Elimination
(C) Airway Patency
(D) Exercise

Q6. Which position should be given to a patient recovering from general anesthesia
(A) Supine position
(B) Side lying position
(C) Fowler’s position
(D) Trendelenburg position

Q7. A 5% dextrose saline 1000 ml is ordered for a patient to run in 8 hrs. A drip set with a drop factors of 15 per ml is used. What is flow rate to be set
(A) 11 drops/ min
(B) 21 drops/ min
(C) 31 drops/ min
(D) 41 drops/ min

Q8. While receiving blood transfusion, the patient develops chills and headache. The nurse’s action is to
(A) Lightly cover the patient
(B) Slow the blood flow
(C) Notify the physician
(D) Stop the transfusion immediately

Q9. Which of the following procedure al requires surgical asepsis
(A) Vaginal irrigation
(B) Urinary catheterisation
(C) Nasogastric tube insertion
(D) Colostomy irrigation

Q10.Nursing assessment for neurovascular status of the extremity with a cast include following, except
(A) Pain
(B) Range of motion
(C) Pallor
(D) Paresthesia


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