MCQs on Hamirpur District


Before you start to answer these MCQs, We strongly recommend you to read our Know Your District Series to gain knowledge regarding respective state. for this MCQ series, please read : Know Your District – Hamirpur

1. Panini is referred to the people of which kingdom?
A) Trigarta Dynasty
B) Mandi Dynasty
C) Katoch Dynasty
D) All of the Above

2. Hamir Chand ruled from ………….. to ………….
A) 1200 A.D. to 1400 A.D.
B) 1500 A.D. to 1720 A.D.
C) 1700 A.D. to 1740 A.D.
D) 1400 A.D. to 1800 A.D.

3. Who founded Sujanpura Tihra in 1748?
A) Sansar Chand
B) Abhay Chand
C) Gulab Chand
D) Kalyan Chand

Becoming alarmed by the advancement of Sansar Chand, all the Hills Chiefs joined hands and invited the Gurkhas to stop the uncontrolled might of Katoch ruler. The combined armies fought against Sansar Chand’s army at Mahal Morian.

4. Mahal Morian is in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
A) Kangra
B) Chamba
C) Hamirpur
D) None of the above

5. Where is HPSSC is located at?
A) Barsar
B) Pakka Bharo
C) Sujanpur Tihra
D) Nadaun

6. Nadaun area of hamirpur districted is on the bank of which river?
A) Satluj
B) Beas
C) Ravi
D) Uhl

7. Sujanpur has a historical background of its own. It is said that during the princely days, Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra used to participate in the festival here which used to be held every year in the month of Phalguna. Which Festival was that?
A) Diwali
B) Holi
C) Lohri
D) Vishwakarma Pooja

8. The festival of “Chaitra Mela Shri Sidh Baba Balak Nath Ji” is celebrated every year from 14 March to 13 April at?
A) Markanda
B) Nadaun
C) Shah- Talai
D) Deotsidh

9. During 1809-1846, Hamirpur was under the rule of?
A) Mughals
B) Gorkhas
C) Sikhs
D) British

10. When did Hamirpur become the District of Himachal Pradesh?
A) 1988
B) 1972
C) 1965
D) 1980

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