G.N.M And Nursing MCQ

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G.N.M And Nursing MCQs It is helpful to BSc Nursing, Staff Nurse, GNM Competitive Exams, and All India Medical, BSc Nursing, G.N.M Entrance Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well

Q1 MMR vaccine is given by
(A) I.M. route
(B) S.C. route
(C) I.V. route
(D) I.D. route

Q2 Deficiency of Vitamin-D in children may cause
(A) Osteomalacia
(B) Rickets
(C) Pellagra
(D) Beri-Beri

Q3 BCG vaccine is given to prevent-
(A) Tuberculosis
(B) Measles
(C) Polio
(D) Diphtheria

Q4 Components of ORS include
(A) Nacl, Kel, H2,O, Sugar
(B) Nacl, Kcl, Sodium Citrate, H2,O, Sugar
(C) Nacl, Kcl. NaHCO3, Sugar
(D) Nacl, Kcl, MgCl2, H2O

Q5 In children which disease occurs due to protein deficiency
(A) Kwashiorkor
(B) Scurvy
(C) Marasmus
(D) Beri-Beri

Q6 A child is suffering from dyspnea, first of all, what nursing care will you provide to the child
(A) Start I.V. infusion
(B) Provide supine position
(C) Start O2 therapy
(D) Start nebulization

Q7 After the birth of a baby, breast-feeding should be started
(A) Within 2 hours
(B) On second day
(C) With in ½ hours
(D) After 1 week

Q8 Circumcision is used for the treatment of
(A) Hypospadias
(B) Phimosis
(C) Epispadias
(D) Cleft palate

Q9 In an infant ideal ratio between cardiac compression and breathing during CPR should be
(A) 3:1
(B) 5:1
(C) 15:2
(D) 1:1

Q10 In following which is not a preventive measure for tetanus neonatorum
(A) TT. vaccination
(B) Follow five clean rule
(C) TT immunization during reproductive age
(D) Penicillin antibiotic


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