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1. The organ which separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities is known as
(A) Lung
(B) Diaphragm
(C) Heart
(D) Stomach

2. In the blood, most of O2 is carried in combination with
(A) Water
(B) Hb
(D) Iron

3. What does happen during relaxation of muscles of diaphragm except
(A) Length of the thoracic cavity decreases
(B) Pressure in the thoracic cavity increases
(C) Air is expelled from the lungs
(D) Length of the thoracic cavity increases

4. In following mainly which condition will stimulate chemoreceptors
(A) Decrease partial pressure of CO2
(B) Increase partial pressure of CO2
(C) Increase partial pressure of O2
(D) Decrease partial pressure of O2

5. Which condition is responsible for the inspiration
(A) Contraction of intercostal muscles
(B) Dilatation of intercostal muscles
(C) Contraction of diaphragm
(D) Both A and C

6. In following which is not a sense organ-
(A) Eye
(B) Skin
(C) Mouth
(D) Tongue

7. In which bone the structure of ear are encased
(A) Occipital
(B) Temporal
(C) Parietal
(D) Frontal

8. Which is the innermost layer of the eye
(A) Sclera
(B) Retina
(C) Cornea
(D) Iris

9. In following which hormone activates trypsinogen to trypsin
(A) Ptyalin
(B) Enterokinase
(C) Pepsin
(D) Gastrin

10. In following which is a micronutrient
(A) Protein
(B) Fat
(C) Vitamin
(D) Carbohydrate


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