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Q1 Which enzyme helps in fat digestion
(A) Amylase
(B) Pepsin
(C) Lipase
(D) Trypsin

Q2 Fluid and electrolyte balance is regulated by
(A) Heart
(B) Liver
(C) Kidney
(D) Brain

Q3 Example of a ball and socket joint is
(A) Elbow
(B) Hip joint
(C) Thumb and fingers
(D) Between wrist bones

Q4 During clotting the prothrombin is changed to thrombin in the presence of
(A) Calcium ions and fibrinogen
(B) Thromboplastin and vitamin-K
(C) Calcium ion and vitamin-K
(D) Calcium ion and thromboplastin

Q5 Acid-base balance is regulated by kidney by excreting hydrogen ion and electrolytes to maintain
(A) Electrolyte balance in the body
(B) The specific gravity of urine
(C) Filter the protein from urine
(D) Normal pH of blood plasma

Q6 The fibrous tissue connecting bone to bone is called
(A) Cartilage
(B) Muscle
(C) Tendon
(D) Ligament

Q7 The type of muscle found in the visceral organs and blood vessels is calledQ
(A) Voluntary
(B) Myocardium
(C) Cardiac
(D) Involuntary

Q8 Which body system is most commonly affected in patients with electrolyte imbalance
(A) Cardiovascular system
(B) Neuromuscular system
(C) Renal system
(D) Endocrine system

Q9 Largest organelle of the cell is
(A) Mitochondria
(B) Golgi apparatus
(C) Endoplasmic reticulum
(D) Nucleus

Q10 A structure composed of two or more tissues is termed as
(A) Organ
(B) Serous membrane
(C) Complex tissue
(D) Organ system


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