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1. All of the following are qualities of a nurse, Except-
(A) Caring attitude
(B) Talkative
(C) Honesty
(D) A well- balanced life

2. All of the following are precautions in the care of a patient with high fever Except
(A) Never leave a patient with high fever alone
(B) Rigors and convulsions may occur at any time
(C) Administer antipyretic drugs
(D) Tepid cold sponging is not useful in patients not responding to antipyretics

3. “Dx” means
(A) Date of diagnosis
(B) Diagnosis
(C) Death of the patient
(D) Treatment

4. The minimal score possible on the Glasgow coma scale is
(A) 1
(B) 3
(C) 2
(D) 5

5. The disposable endotracheal tube can be sterilized by using –
(A) Ethylene oxide
(B) Formaldehyde
(C) Dry heat
(D) Phenol

6. Medical Records are the property of-
(A) Patient
(B) Physicians
(C) Hospital
(D) Relative

7. Priority basis management of an unconscious patient include
(A) IV therapy
(B) IV. mannitol
(C) Clearance of airway
(D) Pain at Mcburney point

8. Eye padding is applied to an unconscious patient to prevent
(A) Corneal ulcer
(B) Eye movement
(C) Dryness of the eye
(D) Blinking of eyes

9. Thoracentesis means –
(A) Aspiration of CSF from the lumbar region
(B) Inflammation of thorax and abdomen
(C) Puncture into the pleural cavity for the removal of pleural fluid and air
(D) Removal of fluid from the peritoneal cavity

10. Humidified oxygen is administered via tracheostomy after a laryngectomy because –
(A) Humidified oxygen contains more water
(B) The upper airway is no longer connected to the lower airway
(C) The lower airway heals more quickly if humidity is utilized
(D)Humidified O2, administration facilitates suctioning


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