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1. Inflammation of the tongue is known as
(A) Gingivitis
(B) Parotitis
(C) Glossitis
(D) Stomatitis

2. Which of the following medication order is immediately and once only administration
(A) Stat order
(B) Standing order
(C) PM order
(D) Single order

3. While giving NG tube feeding, which of the following nursing action prevents complications
(A) Advance the tube 2 cm
(B) Flush with 20 ml of air
(C) Provide high fowler’s position
(D) Plug the airway during feeding

4. Fluid overload in a patient may cause-
(A) Peripheral edema
(B) Pulmonary edema
(C) Angio edema
(D) Cerebral edema

5. 0.45% Normal saline solution is an example of
(A) Isotonic solution
(B) Hypertonic solution
(C) Hypotonic solution
(D) Very hypotonic solution

6. To obtain a urine sample for culture from the urinary collecting system, how a nurse will have to collect the sample-
(A) With needle aspiration
(B) Empty urine bag
(C) Collect from catheter
(D) Disconnect the bag and collect

7. Sensitivity and reaction of a drug is tested by administering the drug-
(A) Subcutaneously
(B) Intradermally
(C) Intravenously
(D) Intramuscularly

8. Which solution is used to disinfect the bed linen of HIV positive patient-
(A) Dettol
(B) Savlon
(C) Lysol
(D) Sodium hypochlorite

9. Which of the following intervention can best prevent the bedsore
(A) Massage reddened areas with lotion or oils
(B) Change the position every 1 hour
(C) Use special water mattress
(D) Keep skin dry & clean

10. Foley catheter is used in which of the following condition
(A) Urine retention
(B) Anuria
(C) Enuresis
(D) Incontinence


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