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1. A most reliable method of measuring body temperature is 
(A) Oral
(B) Rectal
(C) Axillary
(D) Elbow 

2. Endoscopic catheters are sterilized by
(A) Autoclaving
(B) Hot air oven
(C) 2% Glutaraldehyde
(D) Boiling

3. In children calculation of drug, the dose is done on the basis of 
(A) Age
(B) Height
(C) Weight
(D) Length

4. Knee-chest position is also known as 
(A) Left lateral position
(B) Lithotomy position
(C) Genupectorial
(D) Fowler’s position

5. While giving enema height of enema cane from anus should be
(A) 15 cm
(B) 30 cm
(C) 25 cm
(D) 45 cm

6. The most common complication of spinal anaesthesia is
(A) Anorexia
(B) Hypertension
(C) Hypotension
(D) Mental confusion

7. Difficult evacuation of hard faecal matter is known as
(A) Diarrhoea
(B) Defaecation
(C) Constipation
(D) Enema

8. Abnormal frequency and liquidification of faeces is known as
(A) Diarrhoea
(B) Defaecation
(C) Constipation
(D) Enema

9. Which of the following anaesthetic agent produce dissociative anaesthesia
(A) Halothane
(B) Ketamine
(C) Enflurane
(D) Ether

10. Involuntary passing of the urine is known as 
(A) Enuresis
(B) Micturition
(C) Elimination
(D) Defecation


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