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1. The most important aspect of aseptic techniques is the use of –
(A) Handwashing techniques
(B) Gown techniques
(C) Mask
(D) Gloves

2. For assessment of temperature by correctly palpate the patient’s skin, the nurse will use the
(A) Base of hands
(B) Fingertips of hands
(C) Dorsal surface of hands
(D) Palmar surface of hands

3. Which of the following infectious agent can be transmitted by blood transfusion
(B) Virus
(C) Hepatitis
(D) All

4. Plasmodium Nurse-patient ratio in ICU should be
(A) 1:1
(B) 3:1
(C) 2:1
(D) 1:3

5. Universal precautions in the hospital involve
(A) Use of mask & gowning
(B) Hand washing
(C) Gloving
(D) All of the above

6. Infection from a urinary catheter can be best prevented by –
(A) Encouraging adequate fluid intake
(B) Changing position frequently
(C) Cleansing around the meatus periodically
(D) Irrigating the catheter daily

7. The patient whose clinical condition needs monitoring and support of at least two or more organ systems. Should be admitted to
(A) The medical ward
(B) The intensive care unit.
(C) The high dependency unit
(D) The palliative care ward

8. The most preferred site of intramuscular injection in infant & children –
(A) Deltoid site
(B) Vastus lateralis site
(C) Ventrogluteal site
(D) Dorsogluteal site

9. Height of the enema cane from the anus when giving enema should be
(A) 45 cm
(B) 90 cm
(C) 18 cm
(D) 35 cm

10. Which position should be provided to a patient when giving enema
(A) Supine position
(B) Side-lying position
(C) Knee-chest position
(D) Lithotomy position


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