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1. Which division of the nervous system initiates a response known as fight or flight-
(A) The parasympathetic system
(B) The sympathetic system
(C) The somatic nervous system
(D) None of these 

2. The rate of drug absorption is greatest in the
(A) Large intestine
(B) Gall bladder
(C) Stomach
(D) Small intestine

3. Which teeth are used for crushing and grinding of food
(A) Canine
(B) Incisor
(C) Canine and incisor
(D) Premolar and molar

4. Identify the part of the human stomach which connects/ joins with esophagus –
(A) Fundus
(B) Cardia
(C) Body
(D) Fundus 

5. Which ion helps in blood clotting
(A) Ca+2
(B) K+
(C) Mn+2
(D) PO4 -2

6. Hair color in humans turn white due to absence of which of the following pigments
(A) Melanin
(B) Bilirubin
(C) Melatonin
(D) Biliverdin

7. O Positive blood group not available in the blood banks. Which blood group may be given to the patient –
(A) O negative
(B) AB positive
(C) A positive
(D) B positive

8. T-Cell mature in –
(A) Thymus
(B) Spleen
(C) Liver
(D) Kidney

9. Hypothyroidism in children cause
(A) Acromegaly
(B) Cretinism
(C) Rickets
(D) Dwarfism 

10.  The longest portion of the fallopian tube is
(A) The interstitial portion
(B) The isthmus
(C) The infundibular portion
(D) Ampullary portion 


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