General Studies MCQ -66

general studies mcqs

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General Studies MCQs are the basic part of Himachal competitive exams. It is helpful to HPSSSB, and State Banks Exams. It is a series of General knowledge  MCQ (including Indian History MCQs, Static gk) also help in the National level examination, Sainik School, NDA, and army exams, etc.

Q1. The state of Jhansi was made a part British empire through:
(A) The policy of Doctrine of Lapse
(B) Subsidiary alliance
(C) Mayo’s Provincial Settlement
(D) war

Q2. The first All-India Trade Union Congress was created in 1920 by:
(A) N. M. Joshi
(B) Purshottam D. Thakur
(D) V. V. Giri
(C) Shyama Prasad

Q3. Chitnis during Maratha age was:
(A) Correspondence clerk
(B) Military officer
(C) Of treasury
(D) None of these

Q4. Mughal dynasty as Bahadur Shah Zafar as Lodi dynasty was to:
(A) Bahlol Lodi
(B) Daulat Khan Lodi
(C) Ibrahim Lodi
(D) Sikandar Lodi

Q5. With reference to the colonial period of India, the trade monopoly of the East India Company was ended by:
(A) The Regulatory Act
(B) Pitt’s India Act of 1784
(C) The Charter Act of 1813
(D) The Charter Act of 1833

Q6. With reference to colonial rule of India, which one of the following was not the feature of Subsidiary system ?
(A) A subsidiary British army was to be maintained in the Indian state
(B) The determination of expenses incurred on the subsidiary British army was the duty of Indian state
(C) The Indian state had to keep a British resident in her capital
(D) Indian soldiers could be used by company commanders

Q7. The battle of khanwa in 1572 was fought between:
(A) Babur and Rana Sangha
(B) Ibrahim Lodi and Rana Sangha
(C) Humayun and Sher Shah
(D) Humayun and Nusrat Shah

Q8. The chinese pilgrim Fa-Hien visited India during the reign of
(A) Kanishka
(B) Chandragupta-II
(C) Chandragupta-1
(D) Harshavardhana

Q9. In ancient peninsular India, who of the following assumed the title “Vatapikonda’ ?
(A) Pulakeshin II
(B) Mayurasharma
(C) Narasimhavarman
(D) Vikramaditya II

Q10. The battle at Waihind in 1008-09 was fought between:
(A) Mahmud of Ghazni and Anandapala
(B) Mahmud of Ghazni and Jayapala
(C) Muhammad Ghori and Prithviraj
(D) Muhammad Ghori and Jaichandra

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