Information Technology Quiz – 146

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Dear Aspirants,

Information Technology Quiz is the basic part of the Himachal GK. It is helpful to increase your knowledge based on information technology. It is a series of Himachal Gk MCQs. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. Which of the following is not of the merge process In MS Word?
(A) Sort the data source records
(B) Format the main document
(C) Edit a data source
(D) Merge the two files to print or create a new document

2. What would you do when you want to update the data in an embedded worksheet range?
(A) Double click the worksheet range object
(B) Right click worksheet range object and choose format object
(C) Edit the data in the destination document
(D) Edit the data in the source document

3. Which command is used to establish a link between a source and destination document In MS Word?
(A) Tools, link, documents
(B) Tools, link
(C) Edit, link
(D) Edit, paste special

4. To select multiple cells, rows, or columns in a table that are not adjacent to one another, select the first cell and then hold down the _____key while selecting the next cell, row, or column In MS Word?
(A) Alt
(B) Shift
(C) Enter
(D) Ctrl

5. The paragraph mark is a formatting mark (¶) that indicates where the ______ was pressed In MS Word?
(A) Tab key
(B) Spacebar
(C) Enter key
(D) Shift key

6. Which of the following option in file pull-down menu is used to close an MS Word document?
(A) Quit
(B) Close
(C) Exit
(D) New

7. Which keystroke is used for updating a field In MS Word?
(A) F6
(B) F9
(C) F11
(D) F12

8. Pressing the_______ key instructs Word to replace an auto text entrt name with the stored auto text entry In MS Word?
(A) F1
(B) F2
(C) F3
(D) F4

9. Which of the following function key activates the speller In MS Word?
(A) F5
(B) F7
(C) F9
(D) Shift + F7

10. Which simplifies the process of formatting text if the same formatting is required in more than one location In MS Word?
(A) Auto text
(B) Format painter
(C) Font dialog box
(D) None of the above

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