Story of Himachal – From B.C. to A.D. – I

story of himachal

Story of Himachal – From B.C. to A.D. – I

3000-2500 B.C. – Aryans from Central Asia came in contact with the Himachal areas after crossing Purushani (Ravi) and reached Arijikiya (Beas). The Aryan King Divodas defeated Kirat’s King Sambhar in the war which lasted forty years. This war found mention in the Rigveda.

327 B.C. – Macedonia and allied people under the leadership of Alexander the Great invaded Punjab and by September 326 B.C. reached upto the right bank of the Hyphasis (Beas) river where he erected twelve huge Altars to mark the farthest point of his advance.

500 A.D. – Kullu state ruled by Raja Brahmpal .

550 A.D. – Maru Verman founded Chamba Dominion.

630 A.D. – Battle between Hindur and Bilaspur.

697 A.D. – Bir Chand Chandel founded Kehloor Dominion .

765 A.D. – Suket state was founded by Bir Sen.

765 A.D. – Keonthal state was founded by Giri Sen.

900 A.D. – Bilaspur state was founded by Bir Chand of Chanderi (Bundelkhand), with its capital at Naina Devi, which was later shifted to Bilaspur.

920 A.D. – Sahil Varman founded Chamba town.

1000 A.D. – Tomar Rajput Jethal founded Nurpur state with its capital at Pratistan (now called Pathankot).

1009 A.D. – Mehmood Ghaznavi plundered the Kangra fort during the fourth expedition.

1100 A.D. – Ajay Chand founded Hindur (Nalagarh Dominion), which is an offshoot of Bilaspur.

1139 A.D. – Raja Rasalu founded Sirmaur state.

1154 A.D. – Abhoj Deo founded Kunihar dominion with capital at Hatkoti.

1170 A.D. – Purab Chand founded Jaswan state with capital at Rajpura (near Amb, District Una).

1200 A.D. – Bahu Sen founded Mandi state, which was an offshoot of Suket State and Brahaman Jaspal founded Kuthehar State.

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