Daily Quiz Part – 19

Dear Aspirants,

Daily Quiz is the basic part of Himachal GK. It is helpful to increase your knowledge. It is a series of Himachal Gk MCQs.

1. The second name of Hyderabad is?
(A) Shahjahanabad
(B) Madraspatnam
(C) Bhagyanagar
(D) Ramdaspur

2. The international space station is the most expensive project until now. What is the total cost of this project?
(A) 150 billion dollars
(B) 160 billion dollars
(C) 165 billion dollars
(D) 155 billion dollars

3. Where is the only source of rock salt in India?
(A) Mandi
(B) Kullu
(C) Shimla
(D) Dharamshala

4. Which was the only disease in human history 5,000 years ago?
(A) Yellow fever
(B) Tetanus
(C) Trachoma
(D) Chickenpox

5. 12% of scientists in the US are Indians. How much percentage of Indian scientists in NASA?
(A) 40%
(B) 35%
(C) 45%
(D) 30%

6. The Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj is the oldest clock and it is still working. Where is located?
(A) Prague
(B) Bakov nad Jizerou
(C) Brno
(D) Harby

7. Which animal cries like a human being injured?
(A) Monkey
(B) Pig
(C) Bear
(D) Kangaroo

8. How many classifications are animals divided into?
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 8
(D) 7

9. What is the maximum time to stop breathing underwater?
(A) 30 minutes
(B) 24 minutes
(C) 21 minutes
(D) 25 minutes

10. Which animal is the slowest animal?
(A) Sloth
(B) Banana Slug
(C) Koala bear
(D) Garden snail

Question 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  Answer C B A D B A C D B A


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