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G.N.M And Nursing MCQs It is helpful to BSc Nursing, Staff Nurse, GNM Competitive Exams, and All India Medical, BSc Nursing, G.N.M Entrance Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well

Q1 Perception of any object in the absence of actual stimulus is termed as
(A) Illusion
(B) Delusion
(C) Hallucination
(D) Dementia

Q2 In following which therapy is used for treating phobia
(A) Aversion therapy
(B) ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy)
(C) Systematic desensitization
(D) Hypnosis

Q3 Imipramine is a
(A) Antimanic drug
(B) Antipsychotic drug
(C) Antidepressant drug
(D) Antianxiety drug

Q4 In following which is the major indication of
(A) Severe depression with suicidal risk
(B) Severe mania
(C) Phobia
(D) Hysteria

Q5 In which year Mental Health Act was passed
(A) 1995
(B) 1987
(C) 1982
(D) 1975

Q6 Librium is a
(A) Antipsychotic drug
(B) Tranquilizer
(C) Anti parkinsonian drug
(D) Anti manic

Q7 Risperidone is a
(A) Atypical antidepressant
(B) Atypical antipsychotic
(C) Benzodiazepine
(D) Mood stabilizer

Q8 In following which is not an example of opioid
(A) Morphine
(B) Heroin
(C) Pethidine
(D) Naloxone

Q9 A patient with OCD frequently washes his hands, what is the reason behind this
(A) He protects himself from infections
(B) He protects himself from dirt
(C) Handwashing reheves anxiety
(D) It is the part of treatment suggested by psychiatrist

Q10 What is the main side effect of ECT?
(A) Retrograde amnesia
(B) Fracture
(D) Seizure
(C) Hypotension


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