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G.N.M And Nursing MCQs It is helpful to BSc Nursing, Staff Nurse, GNM Competitive Exams, and All India Medical, BSc Nursing, G.N.M Entrance Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well

Q1 Nurse should instruct the client to eat which of the following foods to obtain the best supply of vitamin B, –
(A) Diary products
(B) Grains
(C) Vegetables
(D) Broccoli

Q2 A nurse must be aware that eating maize alone may lead to –
(A) Beri-Beri
(B) Scurvy
(C) Pellagra
(D) Phrynoderma

Q3 Daily requirement of catt during pregnancy
(A) 400mg
(B) 500mg
(C) 1000mg
(D) 100mg

Q4 Wernick’s encephalopathy occurs due to deficiency of
(A) Vitamin B1
(B) Vitamin B2
(C) Vitamin B9
(D) Vitamin B12

Q5 The growth chart recommended by Govt. of India has the following number of the reference curve
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

Q6 Which of the following is known to have a role in wound healing
(A) Vitamin-A
(B) Vitamin-C
(C) Vitamin-K
(D) Vitamin-B complex

Q7 Fruits, vegetables of and cereals are a potent source
(A) Antioxidants
(B) Saturated fats
(C) Unsaturated fats
(D) Free radicals

Q8 One of the fat-soluble vitamin involved in coagulation is
(A) Vitamin K
(B) Vitamin D
(C) Vitamin E
(D) Vitamin A

Q9 Characteristics of successful dieters include all of the following except-
(A) Maintaining a daily food journal
(B) Counting calories
(C) Adhering to a strict diet plan
(D) Eliminating all carbohydrates from their diets

Q10 Iron supplementation recommended for all of the following except
(A) Women who are pregnant
(B) Infants and toddlers
(C) Teenage girls
(D) Post-menopausal women


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