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1. Tonicity of ringer lactate solution is
(A) Normotonic
(B) Hypertonic
(C) Isotonic
(D) Hypotonic

2. An informed consent is obtained from a preoperative patient to prevent
(A) Infection
(B) Legal implications
(C) Complication
(D) Any fall

3. Cyanosis is caused in case of
(A) Lack of blood
(B) Lack of glucose
(C) Lack of water
(D) Lack of oxygen

4. To maintain a normal breathing pattern, which position is beneficial
(A) Sim’s position
(B) Fowler’s
(C) Knee-chest position
(D) Dorsal

5. Intra osseous injection is given in
(A) Bone Marrow
(B) Vein
(C) Spinal cavity
(D) Muscles

6. Full form of CPR is-
(A) Cardio pulmonary Resuscitation
(B) Cardio Pulmonary Relapse
(C) Cardio Pulmonary Restriction
(D) Chronic Pulmonary Relapse

7. Anorexia means
(A) Loss of appetite
(B) Absence of respiration
(C) Loss of sensation
(D) Absence of pulse

8. In following which solution is used for cleaning of a thermometer
(A) Tap water
(C) Alcohol
(D) Boiled water

9. Normal respiration rate in neonate
(A) 40-60 breaths/min
(B) 80-160 breaths/min
(C) 16-20 breaths/min
(D) 20-30 breaths/min

10. Presence of blood in stool is known as
(A) Melana
(B) Hemoptysis
(C) Lochia
(D) Hematemesis

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