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1. Taste buds for sensing bitterness are located on which part of the tongue
(A) The anterior part of the tongue
(B) Posterior part of the tongue
(C) The lateral part of the tongue
(D) Under the surface of the tongue

2. The difference between systolic pressure and diastolic pressure is
(A) Pulse pressure
(B) Lateral pressure
(C) Blood pressure
(D) Apical pressure

3. The function of fallopian tübe
(A) Secretion of estrogen and progesterone
(B) A passageway for the fetus
(C) Occurrence of fertilization
(D) Developing fetus

4. Ovulation is defined as –
(A) Maturation of Graafian follicle
(B) Rupture of Graafian follicle
(C) Seepage of blood through the vagina
(D) Facilitate their maturation during embryonic development

5. The artery which supplies blood to head and neck is –
(A) Coronary artery
(B) Carotid artery
(C) Mesenteric artery
(D) Intercostal artery

6. A nerve which helps in the process of smelling
(A) Optic nerve
(B) Olfactory nerve
(C) Oculomotor nerve
(D) Facial nerve

7. Normal respiration of a healthy person is –
(A) 5-10/min
(B) 15-20/min
(C) 10-15/min
(D) 20-30/min

8. The enzyme which helps in digestion of fat is –
(A) Lipase
(B) Trypsin
(C) Amylase
(D) Enterokinase

9. A kidney is situated –
(A) In the abdominal cavity
(B) In the pelvic cavity
(C) In the thoracic cavity
(D) In the dorsal cavity

10. Fertilization process completed
(A) In uterus
(B) In fallopian tube
(C) In cervix
(D) In ovary


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