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Q1. Modifiable risk factors in case of hypertension include all, except
(A) Age
(B) Salt intake
(C) Obesity
(D) Alcohol intake

Q2. In case of an accident as a nurse, what would you first examine? 
(A) Patent airway
(B) Fractures
(C) Hemorrhage
(D) Possible head injury

Q3. Which of the following is a hypotonic solution
(A) 0.9% Nacl
(B) 0.45% Nacl
(C) 5% Dextrose
(D) 5% Dextrose + 0.45 % Nac

Q4. Which method is used to sterilize the surgical dressings
(A) Dry heat sterilization
(B) Pasteurization
(C) Autoclaving
(D) Tyndallization

Q5. A patient had an extensive and prolonged surgery, which electrolyte should be monitored most closely
(A) Potassium
(B) Calcium
(C) Sodium
(D) Chloride

Q6. An agent which kill pathogenic bacteria is called
(A) Fomite
(B) Disinfectant
(C) Asepsis
(D) Bacteriostat

Q7. Which complication of I.V infusion can cause pulmonary edema or heart failure
(A) Infiltration
(B) Circulatory overload
(C) Infection
(D) Pyrogenic reaction

Q8. Which of the following is not found in urine –
(A) Only glucose
(B) Only RBCs
(C) Only protein
(D) All of the above

Q9. The percentage and the flow of oxygen in a red color venture mask is –
(A) 31% and 6 lit per min
(B) 35% and 8 lit. per min
(C) 40% and 10 lit per min
(D) 60% and 15 lit per min

Q10. Enuresis means
(A) Urination in sleep
(B) Walking in sleep
(C) Breathlessness in sleep
(D) Coughing in sleep


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