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1. In a healthy man who weighs 70 kg. The total body water is approx
(A) 22 liters
(B) 52 liters
(C) 42 liters
(D) 32 liters

2. The hormone that stimulates the release of bile into the duodenum is
(A) Enterogastrone
(B) Gastrin
(C) Cholecystokinin
(D) Secretin

3. Tenderness at McBurney’s point is suggestive of
(A) Acute cholecystitis
(B) Acute pancreatitis
(C) Acute appendicitis
(D) Acute gastritis

4. The average blood loss in a normal menstrual cycle is-
(A) 200 – 250 ml
(B) 100 – 150 ml
(C) 50 – 100 ml
(D) 150 – 200 ml

5. “Universal Donor” belongs to this blood group-
(A) O negative
(B) O positive
(C) AB positive
(D) AB negative

6. The pacemaker of the heart is
(A) Bundle of His
(B) Purkinje fibers
(C) AV node
(D) SA node

7. Bartholin’s gland is present in
(A) Uterus
(B) Cervix
(C) Vagina
(D) Ovary

8. Which of the following is a bleeding disorder
(A) Anemia
(B) Leucopenia
(C) Leukemia
(D) Haemophilia

9. The main muscle of inspiration is
(A) Diaphram
(B) Rectus abdominis
(C) Scalenus anterior
(D) Internal intercostal

10. Hematopoiesis in adults occur at
(A) Redbone marrow
(B) Yellow bone marrow
(C) Spleen
(D) Liver


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