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Q1 Most part of heat loss from the body occurs through the-
(A) Lungs
(B) Kidney
(C) Skin
(D) Brain

Q2 Temperature regulating center is present in which part of the brain-
(A) Thalamus
(B) Hypothalamus
(C) Medulla oblongata
(D) Cerebellum

Q3 Sweat glands are stimulated when-
(A) Body temperature increases
(B) Body temperature decreases
(C) Body temperature remains constant
(D) Person is sleeping

Q4 Vasodilatation of blood vessels of skin cause-
(A) Heat loss
(B) Heat production
(C) No effect on heat loss or production
(D) Hypertension

Q5 Cell organ which is related to the synthesis of ATP is-
(A) Ribosome
(B) Golgi body
(C) Lysosome
(D) Mitochondria

Q6 The nature of phospholipid molecules found in the plasma membrane of the cell is-
(A) Hydrophilic
(B) Hydrophobic
(C) (Both (a) & (b)
(D) Neither hydrophilic nor hydrophobic

Q7 The cell contents excluding the nucleus are known as-
(A) Cytosol
(B) Cytoplasm
(C) Chromosomes
(D) Chromatin

Q8 The watery fluid of a cell in which many organelles are found including nucleus is known -as-
(A) Cytoplasm
(B) Cytosol
(C) Nucleoplasm
(D) Chromoplast

Q9 Utricle and saccule found in-ear, are the part of-
(A) Cochlea
(B) Vestibule
(C) Semicircular canals
(D) Tympanic cavity

Q10 In following which structure is not related to the eye-
(A) Ciliary body
(B) Iris
(C) Organ of Corti
(D) Retina


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