General Science MCQ – 14 (Chemistry)

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1. Which one of the following is most likely to be an ionic compound?
(A) HNF2
(B) H2CO
(C) N2H4
(D) CaCl2

2. In which of the following processes does the enthalpy change (ΔH) directly represent the magnitude of the lattice energy of KCl(s)?
(A) KCl(s) → K(s) + Cl(g)
(B) Cl2(g) + 2K(s) → 2KCl(s)
(C) KCl(s) → K+(g) + Cl-(g)
(D) KCl(s) → K(s) + Cl-(g)

3. Order the following by increasing bond strength: N≡N, N=N, N-N?
(A) N≡N, N=N, N-N
(B) N≡N, N-N, N=N
(C) N-N, N=N, N≡N
(D) N=N, N≡N, N-N

4. Which of the following compounds has the greatest bond polarity?
(A) CH4
(B) NH3
(C) HF
(D) PH3

5. Which of the following is not planar?
(A) C2H4
(B) BCI3
(C) PCl3
(D) ClF3

6. Use VSEPR theory to predict the ideal bond angles around the two carbon atoms in acetaldehyde, CH3CHO. (The first carbon has single bonds to three H atoms and one C atom; the second carbon has single bonds to C and H, and a double bond to O.)?
(A) 110°, 120°
(B) 109°, 120°
(C) 108°, 125°
(D) 107°, 120°

7. In a carbon-carbon triple bond, what is the nature of the bonding between the carbons?
(A) Two 2pz overlapping
(B) Two 2py overlapping
(C) Two sp orbitals overlapping, two 2py overlapping and two 2pz overlapping
(D) An sp2 and sp2 overlapping and 2p orbitals overlapping

8. Which of the following molecules has sp3 hybridization and a dipole moment?
(A) SiH4
(B) BF3
(C) NH3
(D) PCl5

9. In the molecular orbital description of bonding in benzene (C6H6), how many electrons occupy delocalized MOs?
(A) 6
(B) 5
(C) 3
(D) 4

10. In which of the following species is the octet rule violated by the central atom?
(A) PCl4+
(B) SF4
(C) NH3
(D) SO2

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