General Studies MCQ -8

general studies mcqs

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General Studies MCQs are the basic part of Himachal competitive exams. It is helpful to HPSSSB, and State Banks Exams. It is a series of General knowledge  MCQ (including Indian History MCQs, Static gk) also help in the National level examination, Sainik School, NDA, and army exams, etc.

1. Writing of Saint’s lives were known as
(A) Autobiography
(B) Hagiographies
(C) Biography
(D) Religious biographies
2. Which kings built an elaborate temple around many shrines visited by the saint poets in the 10th and 12th centuries?
(A) Chola
(B) Pandas
(C) Both A and B
(D) All of these
3. Shankara was born in ….. 8th century?
(A) Tamilnadu
(B) Kerala
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Karnataka
4. Shankara advocated the philosophy of 
(A) Believe in different souls
(B) Advaita
(C) Believe in one soul
(D) The illusion of the world
5. Ramanuja was born in Tamilnadu in… Century
(A) 11th
(B) 8th
(C) 10th
(D) 9th
6. Virashaiva movement was initiated by
(A) Ramanuja
(B) Krishna
(C) Basavanna
(D) Shankra
7. Which of these was the Saint of Maharashtra?
(A) Janesh war
(B) Eknath
(C) Namdev
(D) All of these
8. Humanist idea says that
(A) Treating all humans equally
(B) Sharing everyone’s pain
(C) Giving privilege to nobles
(D) All of these
9. A religious group which emerged during medieval age and criticized the ritual and other aspects of conventional religion was
(A) Nathpanthis
(B) Yogis
(C) Siddhas
(D) All of these
10. Muslim scholar developed a holy law called
(A) Penal law
(B) Shariat
(C) Civil law
(D) Public law
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