Information Technology Quiz – 50

information technology

Dear Aspirants,

Daily IT Quiz is the basic part of the Himachal GK. It is helpful to increase your knowledge based on information technology. It is a series of Himachal Gk MCQs. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. You can use the formula palette to?
(A) Format cells containing numbers
(B) Create and edit formula containing functions
(C) Enter assumptions data
(D) Copy a range of cells

2. When a range is selected, how can you activate the previous cell?
(A) Press the Alt key
(B) Press Tab
(C) Press Enter
(D) None of above

3. Which tool you will use to join some cells and place the content in the middle of the joined cell?
(A) From Format cells, dialogue box click on merge cells checkbox
(B) From Format cells, dialogue box select the cantered alignment
(C) From Format cells, dialogue box choose to merge and center checkbox
(D) Click on merge and centre tool on formatting toolbar

4. Tab scroll buttons are placed on the Excel screen?
(A) Towards the bottom right corner
(B) Towards the bottom left corner
(C) Towards the top right corner
(D) Towards the top left corner

5. The Name box on to the left of the formula bar?
(A) Shows the name of workbook currently working on
(B) Shows the name of worksheet currently working on
(C) Shows the name of cell or range currently working on
(D) None of above

6. Each excel file is a workbook that contains different sheets. Which of the following can not be a sheet in a workbook?
(A) Worksheet
(B) Chart sheet
(C) Module sheet
(D) Data sheet

7. Which of the following is not the correct method of editing the cell content?
(A) Press the Alt key
(B) Press the F2 key
(C) Click the formula bar
(D) Double click the cell

8. You can merge the main document with the data source in Excel. In mail merge operation, Word is usually?
(A) Server
(B) Source
(C) Client
(D) None

9. How can you update the values of formula cells if Auto Calculate mode of Excel is disabled?
(A) F8
(B) F9
(C) F10
(D) F11

10. You want to set such that when you type Baishakh and drag the fill handle, Excel should produce Jestha, Aashadh and so on. What will you set to effect that?
(A) Custom list
(B) Autofill options
(C) Fill across worksheet
(D) Fill series

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