Whilst we are all sociable people, the styles of conducting our social lives are very diverse. These are the products of the way we deal with our tendencies. Every human has a certain pattern or a tendency associated with his life.

In fact, why at all any fortune-telling system could possibly work, is because we continue to let these patterns be the pivot of our decision making and acting upon it. He who does not is enlightened. Since we are human beings – we are constantly becoming; we are work-in-progress and the threshold of enlightenment is a faraway possibility, what can be done at best en Este momento, is optimization. When we optimize these patterns – choose which ones should stay, and create newer ones –our respective potentials can be realized fair and square.

Now introversion. Introversion is one such cardinal style of being. It is, literally, the quality of turning inwards. When we turn inwards we build a relationship with ourselves, our minds. The locus of stimulus, in introversion, lies within. This characteristically manifests as a reticent personality, however, this overgeneralization has done more harm than good. It has extensively rendered the subject misunderstood, and oft looked down upon. It is what most of us struggle with appreciating enough to embrace fully well.

‘Shy, reserved, unsociable’ – a few adjectives we loosely associate with introversion are far far from what it really is. Now, I am here, not to build a new definition per se, but to tell you that it is simply a tendency that can be dealt with, in a plethora of ways. Some introverts are performers, some are writers, some are singers, while some are even your sales and marketing executives.
The inner churnings, when one turns inwards, almost always result in unique ways of coping. So what must be embraced is introversion, and the acceptance that it is okay – you are still as enough as you would be at the other end of the personality spectrum. It is how you are, not who you are. Who you are will largely be determined by what you persist to do and be.

While one may choose to not label themselves, definitions can easily become restrictions, but to know these tendencies is a major component of self-awareness, which eventually helps lead one to self-mastery.

If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.

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The author loves to engage with life and literature in equal measure. Writing is one of her means of creative self-expression, which she ardently strives to expand. In her spare time she loves to learn as well as teach new modalities. A published poet, she's currently engaged in voicing over an audiobook in collaboration with the Hindustan Times group: She also endeavours to extend her service to the community through tarot readings and reiki healing. Feel free to reach out to her at

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