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MSC (MICROBIOLOGY /BIOTECHNOLOGY) MCQs, MSC {LIFE SCIENCE}, it is helpful to the Entrance Exam and lab assistant Labotroy Exam HPSSSB, MSC Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well

1 Identify nonviral disease of human being
A Dengue fever
B Rabies
C Chickenpox
D Tetanus

2 Black fever is caused by

A Plasmodium malaria
B Leishmania Donovani
C Trypanosoma Gambiense
D Plasmodium falciparum

3 The term bacteriophage was coined by
A De’Herelle
B F.W.Twort
C Beijerink
D D.J.Ivanovsky

4 The infectious agent that contain only RNA and are devoid of the capsid is called
A Viron
B Prion
C Viroids
D Mycoplasma

5 The bacterium of tuberculosis was discovered by

A Louis Pasteur
B Robert Koch
C A.V Leeuwenhoek
D Joseph lister

6 Entner – Doudoroff Pathway is exclusive to prokaryotes and has a unique intermediate chemical compound called
A Glucose- 1.6-diphosphate
B 2 Keto-3 deoxy-6 phosphogluconic acid
C 1-7 redoheptulose luronic acid
D Fructose 1.6-diphosphate

7 The antibiotic acting on the cell wall is
A Bacitracin
B Penicillin
C Cyclosporin
D All of these

8 Who is known as Father of antibiotics
A Frederick Twort
B Frederick Griffith
C Alexander Fleming
D Gerhard J. Domagk

9 The term plasmid was introduced by

A Lederberg
B Tatum
C Beadle
D Kornberg

10 Which of the following scientists discovered autoclave?

A Charles Chamberland
B Spallanzani
C Jensen
D Waksman



QUESTION  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
 ANSWER  D  B  B  D  C  A


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