New and Existing Initiatives under Information and Science Technology in Himachal Pradesh 2020

Presenting you the New and Existing Initiatives under Information and Science Technology in Himachal Pradesh 2020.
HIMSWAN Under the National e-Governance  Plan  (NeGP), the Department of  Information  Technology,  Himachal Pradesh   (DITHP)   created secure network called  HIMSWAN  (Himachal State  Wide  Area  Network).  HIMSWAN provides secured network connectivity to all the   State   Government Departments till block level and provides various    G2G    (Government to Government),  G2C  (Government to Citizens), and  G2B  (Government to Business)  services.  2,117  Government Offices across the State are connected through the HIMSWAN network.
Himachal Pradesh State Data Centre (HPSDC) Department of  Information Technology,  (DIT)  has commissioned the  Himachal  Pradesh  State  Data Centre (HPSDC) to host IT applications of various Government Departments for the benefit of citizens and to create a common   infrastructure for   State Government Offices.

Setting up of Lok Mitra Kendra (LMK) The   scheme   aims   to establish   LMK’s   (CSC)   at   Gram Panchayat level in the State and to act as   front   end   delivery   points   for Government, Private  and  Social Sector Services  to  rural  citizens  at  their  door steps,  in  an  integrated  manner  using Information    and    Communication Technology (ICT). Presently 3701 LMKs have  been  established  in  Himachal Pradesh  for  providing  G2C  services such  as,  Electricity  Bill  Collections, Jamabandi and several services.

Capacity Building under NeGP  Under    the    Capacity Building  scheme  of  Government  of India,  there  are  different  components like training of Government employees, sourcing  of  technical  and  professional manpower  for  assisting  the  State Government  in  the  implementation  of various  e-Governance  Projects.  Under SeMT (State E-Governance Mission Team), 3 Technical resources have been deployed  through  NeGD  and  Digital Locker,  Open  Forge  Workshop  and Training conducted in the State.

Revenue   Court   Case   Monitoring System (RCMS) Revenue   Court   Case Monitoring System has been developed by  the  Department  of  Information Technology  for  the  use  of  Revenue Courts  at  Division,  District,  S.D.M.  and Tehsil  level.  This  system  captures  the routine  proceedings  of  revenue  courts, interim  orders  and  Judgments.  At present, 282 Revenue Courts are using RCMS software and 83,603 court cases have been entered in the RCMS.

Unique ID (Aadhaar) Aadhaar   program   was started   in   Himachal   Pradesh   in December,  2010  and  since  then  the State  Government  has  maintained  a leading  position  in  terms  of  Aadhaar generation.   There   are   73,84,022 residents   in   the   State   (projected population   2019).   78,41,393   UIDs have  been  generated  in  the State.   Aadhaar   seeding   in   PDS (Public Distribution System) database is 98.4 percent, MGNREGA it is  97.39  percent,  Education  99.90 percent, National  Social  Assistance Programme (NSAP) 90.00 percent, LPG 91.79  percent,  Election  71.71  percent and EPF 35.32 percent.

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E-Office E-Office   aims   at   file Movement  automation  in  Government offices   making   the   process   more efficient,  effective  and  transparent  for inter-government  and  intra-government transactions.   E-Office   has   been deployed  in  different  departments  as under:
  1. Number of Departments Mapped in e-Office-46
  2. Number  of  users  mapped  in  e-Office – 1,837.
  3. 12,423 files have been created in e-Office.
  4. Trainings  on  e-Office  are  being conducted for various departments on regular basis.


E- District e–District  Project  is  a Mission  Mode  Project  (MMP),  that aims  to  provide  integrated  citizen centric services.    It    envisages integrated  and  seamless  delivery  of citizen    services    by    district administration  through  automation  of work  flow,  backend  computerization, and    data    digitization    across participating departments.

Direct  Benefit  Transfer  (DBT) is  a  program  to  transfer subsidies directly to the people. The primary  aim  of  this  is  to  bring transparency    and    terminate pilferage  from  distribution  of  funds sponsored by the Government.    Under DirectBenefit Transfer (DBT) scheme 4,043.99 crore   have   been   successfully transferred    into    beneficiaries Aadhaar  enabled  bank  accounts under  56  schemes.

Mukhya  Mantri  Seva  Sankalp Helpline 1100  Mukhya  Mantri    Seva Sankalp  Helpline  is  an  effort  to reach out to citizen proactively and facilitating  them  by  providing  the Helpline facility through Citizen Call Centre and other appropriate modes which  serves  the  citizens  for  the following purposes:

  1. Grievance registration.
  2. Capturing the suggestion and demands from citizens
  3. Provide  information  related  to Government Schemes.
  4. Escalation    to    concerned officials for timely resolution.

Citizens  can  register  their complaints  from  anywhere  in  the State  by  dialing  Toll  Free  Number 1100.Their call is registered online on  the  portal  and  the  same  is tracked  till  the  resolution  of  the complaint. The closure of complaint is  done  in  the  software  only  after getting confirmation   from   the complainant.

DigiLocker Digilocker is a cloud based platform for issuance and verification of documents  &  certificates  digitally.  Digi Locker  has  been  implemented  in  11 departments  across the  State  including 160 Departments of  Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer   Affairs   (FCS   &   CA), Himachal   Pradesh   Staff   Selection Commission    (HPSSC), Himachal Pradesh   Swasthya   Bima   Yojana (HPSBY),    Horticulture,    Transport, Panchayati Raj , Ayurveda etc.

Bharat Net BharatNet  is  an  initiative of  Government  of  India  to  provide broadband   services   to   the   gram panchayats  of  the  country.  It  aims  to provide     broadband     connectivity especially in rural areas. It is the world’s largest  rural  connectivity  scheme  to  be connected by the Optical Fibre network. The  status  of  Bharat  net  Project  is under:

  1. 207 GPs in 6 Blocks of Hamirpur (Nadaun, Sujanpur Tihra, Bijhari, Bamsan),  Mandi  (Seraj)  and Solan  (Nalagarh)  are  connected using   high   speed   internet bandwidth  under  Bharat  Net Phas   e-I  project.  170  GPs  are further providing Wi-Fi connectivity  to  the  people  under Wi-Fi Choupal project.
  2. 153  remote  GPs  are  connected using  VSAT  links.  As  on  date, material  has  been  dispatched  in 88  locations  out  of  which,  30 locations  have  been  made  livewhich  includes  14  GPs  in  Lahul &Spiti, 13 GPs in Chamba, and 3 GPs in Kinnaur district.
  3. Apart  from  this,  other  Telecom Service  Providers  have  been encouraged to provide telecommunication   facility   in remote  areas.  M/s  Reliance  Jio has   planned   42   BTSs   in Lahaul & Spiti  out  of  which 11 BTSs  have  been  installed  and made live. The people of remote areas  are  now  able  to  access high speed internet facility as well as telecom facility.

HP MyGov  MyGov  is  an  innovative platform to build a partnership between Citizens and Government with the help of  technology  for  the  growth  and development  of  the  State.  This  unique platform   aims   to   enhance   citizen partnership  with  the  State  Government and vice versa. MyGov Himachal 
( assists people of the State to communicate their views,  suggestions  and  feedback.

New Initiatives Based on IT Policy of the State  Government,  certain  initiatives have been taken in the State to further growth of IT.

  1. The  Department  of  Information Technology  (DoIT)  uses  IT  tools to  ensure  a  SMART  (Simple, Moral,  Accountable,  Responsive and Transparent) Government.
  2. Industrial  Development  wing  has been  set  up  as  a  single  window facilitator  for  the  development  of IT related Industries in the State.
  3. Setting up Software Technology  Park:  The  State Government  has  set  up  hi-tech habitats   at   Shimla,   Solan, Hamirpur,   Baddi,   Parwanoo, Kullu,  Mandi  and  Dharamshala. Hi-tech habitats are being built at more  locations  in  the  State  in  a phased  manner  and  Software Technology   Parks   of   India, Ministry  of  IT,  Government  of India,  has  set  up  a  Software Technology Park and High Speed Data   Connectivity   facility   in Shimla.
  4. Telemedicine: This  programme has improved the health services of the State by providing access of experts to common man even at PHC level.
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