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Dear Aspirants,

Daily IT Quiz is the basic part of the Himachal GK. It is helpful to increase your knowledge based on information technology. It is a series of Himachal Gk MCQs. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. RSS stands for?
(A) Registration social synchronization
(B) Real social synchronization
(C) Really simple syndication
(D) Registration simple syndication

2. A computer which has more than one processor is called?
(A) Multitasking
(B) Multi-thread
(C) Multiprogramming
(D) Multiprocessor

3. To add a new worksheet in Microsoft word, which of the following option we use?
(A) Ctrl n
(B) Ctrl o
(C) Ctrl s
(D) Ctrl c

4. Testing which is performed individual or component of the software is called?
(A) System testing
(B) Unit testing
(C) Integration testing
(D) Regression testing

5. In which year apple introduced Macintosh operating system?
(A) 1987
(B) 1985
(C) 1984
(D) 1986

6. What is the full form of URL?
(A) Uniform resource locator
(B) Uniform resource link
(C) Universal resource locator
(D) Uniform resource link

7. Name the software which is used to perform a particular task?
(A) Software
(B) Operating system
(C) Program
(D) Memory

8. The rules of a language is known as as____?
(A) Procedure
(B) Program
(C) Structure
(D) Syntax

9. What is the full form of SMPS?
(A) Start mode power supply
(B) Switched-mode power supply
(C) Single-mode power supply
(D) None of these

10. HTTP stands for?
(A) HyperText transfer protocol
(B) Hyptext transfer protocol
(C) HappyText transfer project
(D) HypenText transfer project

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