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Blessed with immense beauty, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most picturesque, calm and serene states of India. Apart from the mesmerizing and breathtaking views that the state has to offer, it too has a number of places of historical importance. Presenting you, the list of State Protected Monuments as officially reported by and available through the website of the Archaeological Survey of India in Himachal Pradesh.

Five State Protected Monuments have been recognized by the ASI in Himachal Pradesh. Besides the State Protected Monuments, also the Monuments of National Importance in this state are relevant.

Chamunda Temple, Chamba: Chamunda Devi Temple is nestled in a spectacular position on the spur of Shah Madar range of hills and opposite to the Chamba town. It is a major holy place for pilgrims that sits on the bank of river Baner and just 15 km away from Dharmshala. It was built by Raja Umed Singh in the year 1762.

Docha Mocha Temple, Kullu: This temple is located 6 kms away from Naggar on the left bank road to Manali, about a half kilometer away to the valley side from the main road. According to Historical tale, A cow belonging to a raja would drip milk when she happened to be over goddess lying underground near the thorn bush undergrowth. The cow was thus, found dry when she returned home. The continued for days and arouse suspicion to the Raja which tends to killing of Cowherd in agony and anger. The killing of an innocent boy spelled the doom on Raja’s family. One night the goddess appeared in his dream and express her displeasure for the offence committed by him. She told him that he could recovered from his miseries provided he recovered her from the ground and established her in a temple, called Docha Mocha.

Mrikula Jain Temple, Lahaul: According to tales, This temple is more than 6000 years old. The temple with all its carving are believed to have been done by God Vishvakarma himself.

Lord Vishwakarma, according to Hindu mythologies is believed to be the principal architect of the universe itself.

As the wood carving is done on a large single piece of wood, the story goes that it was Bhim, the strongest of the five Pandava brothers, who carried a tree to this place during the time when they were spending a period of 14 years in exile as they stood banished from their kingdom by the Kaurava’s, who were their cushions. The exquisite wood carving was been done by Vishvakarma himself here. During summers many come to seed the goddesses blessings. Besides there is Khappar (a bowl shaped vessel of Kali Mata believed to be used by the goddess to rid the world of demons) kept in a hidden place inside the temple, which the priest worships once in a year, during local festival Fagli. Read more about Lahaul – Spiti in Know your District Section.

Gauri Shankar Temple, Mandi: It is situated at Naggar village, Kullu. The specific style of temple resembles a mountain. It means that the temple will look like the peaks of mountains. The temple has a dome shape at the top while the bottom part of the temple is in a square shape. The shikhara of this temple is simple and have nine stories which are decorated with ornamentations and ardharatna motifs. The temple is famous for its stone carvings. The idols of Shankar and Gauri are placed on a pedestal and are seated over Nandi. Both the parent god and goddess hold their son Kartik and Ganesh while being seated under a silver canopy clad with gold jewelry.

Sun Temple Nirath [pic credit – NewsHimachal]
Surya Narayan Temple, Shimla: The only Sun temple in North India Surya Narayan Temple, Nirath, shimla. Located approximately 950 m above sea level on the left bank of Sutlej River, the temple in the beautiful small village Nirath is built in the unique shape of ‘Nagara’ from red sandstone and is just 18 km from the erstwhile province of Rampur Bushahr.The Sun temple at Nirath is dedicated to the Surya Narayan, Surya Deva or (Sun God). Though there is no definite date of construction, surveys by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) suggest it should have built before the 12th Century.

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