Story of Himachal – From B.C. to A.D. – III

story of hmachal

Story of Himachal – From B.C. to A.D

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1805 A.D. – Gorkha Commander Amar Singh Thapa attacked the Kangra fort against Raja Sansar Chand-II as his first encounter took place at Mahal Morian (presently in Hamirpur District).

1809 A.D. – Sansar Chand–II and Maharaja Ranjeet Singh signed Treaty of Jawalamukhi on July 20, 1809. AND Raja Sansar Chand–II, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh’s forces under Mohkam Chand defeated Amar Singh Thapa and took possession of Kangra fort on August 24, 1809. Desa Singh Majithia was appointed as the Governor of Kangra Hills by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh.

1815 A.D. – Anglo-Gorkha war between the British Armed Forces lead by Major General Ochterlony and Gorkhas lead by Amar Singh Thapa. AND Treaty of Sangauli was signed between the British and Amar Singh Thapa on November 28, 1815.

1820 A.D. – William Moorcraft became the first European to visit Kullu on his way to Laddakh.

1822 A.D. – Major Kennedy founded Shimla Town (first Pucca house known as Kennedy House).

1824 A.D. – Death of Raja Sansar Chand-II of Kangra.

1827 A.D. – Lord Amrherst was the first Governor-General of India to visit Shimla.

1832 A.D.Barnes’ Court, (official residence of the Governor of Himachal Pradesh) the Tudor Style heritage building was built in Shimla. Here the historic Shimla Agreement between India and Pakistan was signed in 1972.

1839 A.D. – Sikh Army under General Ventura was sent to Mandi.

1844 A.D. – United Service Club (US Club) was founded at Shimla.

1846 A.D. – Sikhs were defeated by the British in the Battle of Sabraon on February 10. AND On May 9, 1846, First Anglo-Sikh war ended with the Treaty of Lahore, . Chamba, Kangra, Kullu & Lahaul-Spiti came under the direct control of British.

1850 A.D. – Lord Dalhausie annexed Baghat State under the Doctrine of Lapse. It was the only State from Himachal Pradesh which was annexed under the Doctrine of Lapse.

1851 A.D. – Construction of Hindustan – Tibet National Highway was started by Lord Dalhausie.

1852 A.D. – Shimla Municipal Committee was established.

1854 A.D. – Dalhausie Town was founded by Lord Dalhousie.

1857 A.D. – Under the leadership of Subedar Bhim Singh, Jutogh Rebellion took place. AND The only hill state which opposed the British rule during the First War of Independence was Erstwhile Rampur Bushahr under Raja Samsher Singh.

1858 A.D. – Queen Victoria’s proclamation of November 1, 1858, ended the rule of East India Company over India and it was brought under the direct Rule of British Crown.

1859 A.D. – Bishop Cotton School was opened in Shimla.

1871 A.D. – Lord Mayo visited Shimla.

1875 A.D. – Raja Shamsher Prakash founded Nahan Foundary Ltd.

1876 A.D. – Hindur (Nalagarh) people revolted against the atrocities of Wazir Gulam Quadir Khan.

1877 A.D. – Bijai Sen built Victoria Bridge over River Beas in Mandi.

1883 A.D. – Jhugga Movement took place in Bilaspur.

1887 A.D.Gaiety Theatre was opened in Shimla. The first play put on in theatre was Comedy Play called “Time Will Tell”.

1895 A.D. – Bhatiyat people’s movement took place against the atrocities of Chamba rulers.

1903 A.D. – On November 9, 1903, 96.54 km. long Kalka – Shimla Narrow-gauge Railway track was inaugurated by Lord Curzon .

1905 A.D. – On April 4, 1905, disastrous earthquake in Kangra .

1906 A.D. – Dodra- Kwar (Shimla) Revolt took place.

1908 A.D. – Bhuri Singh Museum was founded at Chamba.

1909 A.D. – Mandi Agitation took place against the atrocities of Raja Bhawani Sen and Wazir Padha Jeevanand.

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