Daily Quiz Part – 17

Dear Aspirants,

Daily Quiz is the basic part of Himachal GK. It is helpful to increase your knowledge based on current affairs. It is a series of Himachal Gk MCQs.

1.    Name the rarest type of blood and it also called gold blood?


(A)  RH – One


(B)  RH – Null


(C) RH – Two


(D) RH – Three


2.    Which animal can stay up to 8 hours in one position?


(A)  Lion


(B)  Tiger


(C) Wolf


(D) Leopard


3.    How many lenses are there in a dragonfly’s eye?


(A)  30,000


(B)  10,000


(C) 40,000


(D) 20,000


4.    Which city of India has the largest oil refinery in the world?


(A)  Bangalore


(B)  Puna


(C)  Gujarat


(D)  Maharashtra



5.    Which is the most expensive breed of chicken in the world, it is also called “The Lamborghini Poultry”?


(A)  Ayam Cemani Chicken


(B)  Orpington Chicken


(C)  Liege Fighter Chicken


(D)  Hen Deathlayer



6.    Name the country that discovered water on the moon?


(A)  USA


(B)  Japan


(C) China


(D) India



7.    There are only 2 seasons in Uranus Planet and each season lasts for 42 years that are?


(A)  Summer – Spring


(B)  Winters – Spring


(C) Summer – Winters


(D) Spring _ Autumn


8.   Which planet has one day is equal to one year of earth?


(A)  Jupiter


(B)  Venus


(C) Saturn


(D) Mercury


9.    Which planet has a blue sun set?


(A)  Uranus


(B)  Jupiter


(C) Neptune


(D) Mars


10.  In which country has a heart-shaped Iceland?


(A)  Fiji


(B)  Denmark


(C) Greenland


(D) Norway
Question 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  Answer B D A C A D C B D A

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