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1. Among the following the factor that contributes the pressure ulcer is:
(A) Malnutrition
(B) Shearing forces
(C) Edema
(D) Chronic disease

2. Assuming that the members of a group are alike is called:
(A) Stereotyping
(B) Clustering
(C) Cultural competency
(D) Cultural imposition

3. Nursing education was established by:
(A) Lillian Wald
(B) Florence nightingale
(C) Lavinia dock
(D) Clara barton

4. Natural lipids are readily soluble in:
(A) Oil
(B) Mercury
(C) Water
(D) None of the above

5. Deficiency of vitamin D in adult to leads to:
(A) Osteoporosis
(B) Keratomalacia
(C) Rickets
(D) Osteomalacia

6. Barrel chest is seen in:
(A) Kyphoscoliosis
(B) Rickets
(C) Pneumonia
(D) Emphysema

7. An infant can sit steadily without support at the age of:
(A) 8 months
(B) 6 months
(C) 12 months
(D) 10 months

8. Swayback appearance is seen in a child with:
(A) Talipes
(B) Lordosis
(C) Kyphosis
(D) Scoliosis

9. Bitot’s spots are found due to the deficiency of vitamin:
(A) C
(B) B1
(C) A
(D) B2

10. The most common adverse effect of chemotherapeutic:
(A) Nausea and vomiting
(B) Constipation
(C) Frequent diarrhea
(D) Painful mouth sores


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