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Q1 Volume of the voice produced by a man depends upon
(A) Length of the cords
(B) The tightness of the cords
(C) The force with which the cords vibrate
(D) The shape of the mouth

Q2 In following which organ prevents the food from passing into the lower respiratory tract
(A) Pharynx
(B) Oesophagus
(C) Epiglottis
(D) Larynx

Q3 In following which organ is known as a windpipe
(A) Larynx
(B) Trachea
(C) Lung
(D) Bronchi

Q4 Superficial layer of skin is called as
(A) Dermis
(B) Epidermis
(C) Adipose
(D) Subcutaneous

Q5 The innermost layer of the epidermis is called
(A) Cornium
(B) Lucidum
(C) Granulosum
(D) Germinative

Q6 The outermost layer of the epidermis is called
(A) Cornium
(B) Lucidum
(C) Granulosum
(D) Germinative

Q7 Which structure separates the outer ear from the middle ear
(A) Tympanic membrane
(B) Vestibule
(C) Auditory canal
(D) Auditory ossicles

Q8 In follow which part of the ear has no auditory function
(A) Vestibule
(B) Tympanic membrane
(C) Organ of Corti
(D) Semicircular canals

Q9 Which part of the ear is related to body balance
(A) Cochlea
(B) Semicircular canals
(C) Vestibule
(D) Both (b) and (c)

Q10 Sound waves are measured in
(A) Decibels
(B) Punod
(C) A°
(D) Km


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