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G.N.M And Nursing MCQs It is helpful to BSc Nursing, Staff Nurse, GNM Competitive Exams, and All India Medical, BSc Nursing, G.N.M Entrance Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well

Q1 Which TUCD needs to be replaced only after 10 years.
(A) Copper T-200B
(B) Progestasert
(C) Cu- T380A
(D) Nova T H3

Q2 Which factor is most closely associated with successful smoking cessation
(A) Enrollment in a short-term support group
(B) Lack of reliance on nicotine gum as a secondary intervention
(C) Preparation of a plan to deal with potential relapses
(D) Reliance on a single intervention

Q3 According to the latest guideline of vaccination. which of the following is applicable at the age of 5 yr-
(B) DT booster + Vit – A
(C) DPT+ Vit-A
(D) DT

Q4 At the primary health center level vaccine are stored in-
(A) Deep freezer box
(B) lce lined refrigerator
(C) Walk-in cold room
(D) Cold

Q5 Most specific screening for Vit-D deficiency are
(A) Senam calcium level
(B) 7 dehydrocholesterol
(C) 1,25 hydroxy vitamin-D
(D) 25 hydroxyvitamin – D

Q6 Period of maximum infectivity in mumps is during
(A) Incubation period
(B) Onset of swelling
(C) After swelling appears
(D) Prodromal period

Q7 Carriers are associated with the transmission of disease in all except
(A) Typhoid
(B) Measles
(C) Cholera
(D) Diphtheria

Q8 Koplik’s spots are seen in gives life-long
(A) Rubeola
(B) Chickenpox
(C) Rubella
(D) Typhoid

Q9 Which of the following diseases immunity after an attack
(A) Typhoid
(B) Diphtheria
(C) Mumps
(D) Tetanus

Q10 HIV virus belongs to which of the following groups.
(A) Retrovirus
(B) Hepadnavirus
(C) Flavivirus
(D) Rhabdovirus


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