General Science MCQ – 71 (Physics)

chemistry, physics, biology

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General Science MCQs including Physics, Chemistry, Biology. This help is General Eligibility Test like Entrance Exam, Sainik School, NDA, Army, All India Competitive exam, and All HP Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. Lakes freeze in cold countries in winter leaving the water underneath at?
(A) 0oC
(B) 0oF
(C) 4oC
(D) 4oF

2. Which one of the following determines the sharpness of image in a camera?
(A) The aperture
(B) The exposure time
(C) The focal length of the lens
(D) Size of the camera

3. In MRI machine which one of the following is used?
(A) Sound wave
(B) X-ray
(C) Ultrasound wave
(D) Magnetic wave

4. For a person having hyper metropia the near point is?
(A) Greater than 25 cm
(B) Greater than 50 cm
(C) Less than 25 cm
(D) Infinity

5. Amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is measured in terms of?
(A) Humidity
(B) Droplets
(C) Smog
(D) All of the above

6. Name the process of production of energy in the sun?
(A) Nuclear fission
(B) Radioactivity
(C) Nuclear fusion
(D) Ionization

7. A spherical ball made of steel when dropped in mercury container will?
(A) Sink in mercury
(B) Will be on the surface if mercury
(C) Will be partly immersed mercury
(D) Will dissolve in mercury

8. The sound having a frequency of 20 hertz to 20000 hertz are known as?
(A) Audible sound
(B) Ultra sonic’s
(C) Infrasonic
(D) Mega sonics

9. Eclipses occur due to which optical phenomena?
(A) Reflection
(B) Refraction
(C) Rectilinear propagation
(D) Diffraction

10. Pure water is bas conductor of electricity because it is?
(A) Feebly ionized
(B) Not volatile
(C) A very good solvent
(D) A non polar solvent

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