General Science MCQ – 84 (Biology)

chemistry, physics, biology

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General Science MCQs including Physics, Chemistry, Biology. This help is General Eligibility Test like Entrance Exam, Sainik School, NDA, Army, All India Competitive exam, and All HP Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. First successful heart transplantation was done by?
(A) D.S. Paintal
(B) C.N. Barnard
(C) D. Shetty
(D) P.K. Sen

2. Washing of peeled vegetables removes the vitamin?
(A) A
(B) C
(C) D
(D) E

3. A man with color blindness will see red as?
(A) Yellow
(B) Blue
(C) Green
(D) Violet

4. The metal which is a constituent of vitamin B12 is?
(A) Iron
(B) Magnesium
(C) Zinc
(D) Cobalt

5. According to WHO the bird flu virus cannot be transmitted through food cooked beyond?
(A) 60 degree Celsius
(B) 70 degree Celsius
(C) 90 degree Celsius
(D) 100 degree Celsius

6. The number of chambers in a human heart is?
(A) Four
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Five

7. A universal recipient belongs to the blood group?
(A) AB
(B) O
(C) B
(D) A

8. The vitamin that helps in blood clotting is?
(A) Vitamin C
(B) Vitamin D
(C) Vitamin E
(D) Vitamin K

9. Which of the following is a perfect match?
(A) Coronary attack – vascular dilation
(B) Atherosclerosis – blockage of arteries
(C) Hypertension – low blood pressure
(D) Hypotension – heart attack

10. Which of the following is correct about cold-blooded animals?
(A) Their blood remains cold all the time
(B) Their body temperature changes in accordance with the atmosphere
(C) Their body temperature remains constant all the time
(D) They kill all the animals hey come across

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