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Dear Aspirants,

Information Technology Quiz is the basic part of the Himachal GK. It is helpful to increase your knowledge based on information technology. It is a series of Himachal Gk MCQs. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. In MS Word to save an existing document with a different file name, click_____?
(A) The save button on the standard toolbar
(B) Save on the file menu
(C) The save as button on the standard toolbar
(D) Save as on the file menu

2. In MS Word when you point to a text entry in the office clipboard gallery in the clipboard task pane,_________?
(A) The first several characters of text in the item displays as a ScreenTip
(B) The text entry is deleted from the office clipboard gallery
(C) The text entry is pasted into the document at the location of the insertion point
(D) All of the above

3. In MS Word what happens if you mark oh Hidden checkbox of font dialog box after you select some text?
(A) The text is deleted from document and you need to bring from recycle bin if required again
(B) The text is hidden and you need to bring it by removing the check box if needed again
(C) The text is deleted and cannot be return back
(D) The text is hidden and cannot be returned back

4. In MS Word which is true when you insert an excel worksheet into a word document?
(A) Word is the destination document
(B) Excel is the destination document
(C) The worksheet is the destination document
(D) The document is the source document

5. In MS Word which of the following provides a list of z synonyms?
(A) Find command
(B) Replace command
(C) Thesaurus
(D) Spelling and Grammar

6. In MS Word the_________ is a special toolbar that displays a series of names, each of which represents a list of commands that can be used to perform tasks?
(A) Scroll bar
(B) Status bar
(C) Title bar
(D) Menu bar

7. In MS Word dropcap means?
(A) All caps
(B) Small caps
(C) Title case
(D) None of the above

8. In MS Word press the enter key in all of the following circumstances except_______?
(A) To insert a blank line into a document
(B) When the insertion point reaches the right margin
(C) To begin a new paragraph
(D) In response to certain word commands

9. In MS Word why drop caps are used in documents?
(A) To drop all the capital letters
(B) To automatically begin each paragraph with a capital letter
(C) To begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter
(D) None of the above

10. In MS Word, for what does ruler help?
(A) To set tabs
(B) To set indents
(C) To change page margin
(D) All of the above

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