Various types of Folk Music in Himachal Pradesh


Folk Music in Himachal Pradesh

Various types of Folk Music in Himachal Pradesh: The Culture of Himachal Pradesh is different from the other state of India. Its dance forms are varied and some are quite complicated. The dance and music of the state is mainly religion-oriented where gods are invoked during the festivals by singing and dancing.

This practice has continued since ancient times. The beauty of the culture of Himachal Pradesh lies in its simplicity. Most of the folk songs sung in Himachal Pradesh are associated with love ballads, heroic ballads, the praise of God, season ballads, and social recreations.

Let us talk about the Styles of Music that Himachal inherits, which are:

It is a typical song of Himachal Pradesh and is sung with fun and joy. It is basically a theme of extra-marital romance. The word ‘Jhoori’ itself literally means lover, beloved, or sweetheart. These folk songs are very popular in Shimla, Solan, and Sirmaur. Jhoori is accompanied by a folk dance form called Jhoomar and is entirely danced by women only.

A popular singing style popular in Kullu valley. These songs are related to the love romance between men and women. These songs are sung by women during the morning and nights. One can find the traces of Raga Asa in Laman.

This singing style is popular in the Chamba-Pangi area. It is sung by the wanderers also using string puppets. [citation needed]

Samskāra songs are sung at festivals and celebrations by women of Himachal Pradesh. These songs are based on ragas, which are compositions of Indian classical music. Only high cast women can sing the Sanskara.

These are religious songs and sometimes also sung in a family festival like a marriage ceremony. The singers comprising of males visit the house of the newly married couples and sing the Ainchaliyan songs. The subject matter usually centers on the auspicious marriage of Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. It is also sung by the Women at the bride’s house after the wedding.

The Jhanjhoti songs are based on Ragas like Brindabani Sarang, Durga, Tilang, and Desh. The Gidah songs are based on Raga Durga. The famous love songs that come under Jhanjhoti music style are Phulmu-Ranjhu, Kunju-Chanchalo, and Raja-Gaddan.

Various types of Folk Dramas in Himachal Pradesh

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