COVID-19 Precautions in Rainy Days

As we all know that the world is facing a very hard time because of corona or COVID-19. Corona is a disease that spreads through contact with each other. In the monsoon season, just pay attention to some special things to avoid this epidemic and keep yourself, your family, and people around you safe. As the monsoon starts soon in India, and in the monsoon, there is a fear of many diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya to viral fever, and above all the corona has plagued everyone. | Due to moisture, low temperature and humidity, coronavirus droplets stay on the floor longer. What are the precautions to be taken between monsoon and corona?

There are some answers to question which will be helpful to fight against coronavirus:

1. Does the rainy season have any effect on the coronavirus?

2. Can rainwater eliminate the coronavirus around us?
No, coronavirus is not eliminated only with water, when we wash hands, the virus ends because of soap. Soap can destroy virus structure

3. Will the Corona Virus Behavior Change During the Rainy Season?
no. Even in the rain, the coronavirus will behave in the same way as it is doing now. Just in the rain, the ability of the virus to remain active in any surface will be increased.

4. Can Corona survive on anything in the house for longer?
Yes, the coronavirus can remain active on the floor of the house for a long time, so pay more attention to the cleanliness of the floor. Fresh air is necessary to avoid infection. So keep the windows and doors open

5. Need to be more careful about coronavirus in monsoon?
Yes, bacteria – viruses thrive in the atmosphere during the monsoon. We should not stay barefoot in the house, pay attention to maximum cleanliness of the floor, stay new in closed rooms

6. Many times there are many diseases in the rain also, can it also increase the chance of corona infection?
Yes, the number of bacteria-virus increases in the rain. Due to this, more work of the immune system of our body has to be done. If the immune system is weak then the chances of getting coronavirus will increase.

7. Does the virus stop spreading in hot weather?
No, research has not directly revealed that the spread of the virus is not affected by the weather. According to the weather, we change our routine, eating, and drinking, it affects the spread of the virus.

8. If the mask is soaked in rain, is there a risk of infection?
Yes, the mask is spoiled even if it is wet by mouth moisture. The mask is no longer useful after getting wet.

9. If we are using raincoat in the rain, is there a risk of infection?
Yes, do not use raincoat as a cloth, then wash it continuously with hot water.

10. Can increasing virus cause virus spread?
Yes, Humidity increases in the air during the monsoon. The droplets that come out when coughing or sneezing become a large drop with humidity, which quickly falls to the ground, the infection spreads to the distance.

11. If immunity is everything against Corona, does rain have any effect on immunity?
No, the research came out directly. The spread of the virus is not directly affected by the weather

12. Is it not safe to stay in central AC during the rainy season? Does it increase the risk of infection?
Yes, there will be a lot of people in Central AC. In such a situation, it is not known which person is infected, due to coughing and sneezing, the infection can spread to others. Humidity and ventilation control is maintained by running AC in homes during rainy days. If there are more people in the house, then the use of AC should also be avoided there.

13. Will there be more chances of being able to travel in an AC train/bus during monsoon than Corona?
No, if there is an infected person in the AC or non-AC train/bus, then there will be a risk of infection. However, on a non-AC train/bus, the risk of becoming active will be less in AC train/bus. Because the AC has less scope for welts, the air inside recirculates.

14. Which fruits/vegetables maintain immunity against corona in monsoon?
During monsoon use such fruits/vegetables which contain vitamins A, B, C, D and E, iron and zinc. This keeps the immune system strong. Include pomegranate, litchi, carrot, lemon, orange, almond, walnuts, peanuts, garlic, spinach, sweet potato

15. What should we keep our food routine so that we can keep our immunity strong?
You should regularize your routine. Do regular yoga, exercise, spinach, breakfast which includes fresh fruits, yogurt, buttermilk (lassi), oatmeal, and milk. Also, have lunch at a regular time. Do meditation in the evening and try to eat dinner four hours before bedtime.

16. Can corona-positive patients’ home water infect people?
Corona has been found in the feces and urine of a person infected with corona. If the infected person spits in the open, gives up feces and urine, then the infected can spread by rainwater. Apart from this, there is no risk of getting infected with rainwater.

17. In the rain, bacteria-viruses become very active, so can using mobile also increase the risk of infection?
If an active person uses the phone, the virus will reach the mobile. If someone else uses the same mobile, there is a risk of infection. So do not give your phone to anyone nor touch the phone of others. If you want to use someone’s phone or if someone uses your phone then apply sanitizer. Masks in your mouth must be kept.

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