Breadcrumbs I often wonder, what one must do, with bread crumbs! In one of my heart-wrenching epiphanies, it dawned upon me – that when it came to affection, I was settling for far too little. […]



Introversion Whilst we are all sociable people, the styles of conducting our social lives are very diverse. These are the products of the way we deal with our tendencies. Every human has a certain pattern […]

hello zindagi

Hello Zindagi

The mention of “Zindagi”; immediately brings to “life”; a wide array of ideas. Our understanding of ‘Zindagi’ entirely depends upon our perception of it. Life, the way we know it, is sheer magic because its […]

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The Power of Language

  शब्द शब्द संभल कर बोलिए  शब्द के नहीं हाथ नहीं पांव    एक शब्द में है औषदि और एक शब्द है घाव                   Language is one of the […]