The Corona Warriors

“chhid gaya hai yuddh-e-korona,
jo kahata hai ham se daro na,
har jagah isane machaaya hai aisa yuddh ghamaasaan,
poora vishv hai aaj isase pareshaan,
kaun kya hai isase phark nahin sab aaj ghar mein band hain,
hotal, vidyaalay, kaaryaalay sab ho rahe band hai,
lekin hamen darana nahin hai,
ham sab ke andar hota hai ek yoddha khaalee us yoddha ko jagaana hai,
vo korona hai to ham bhee insaan hai,
aaj saath na hokar bhee ek saath hai,
is yuddh mein har kisee ko korona yoddha ban kar dikhaana hai”

Corona Warriors

The government’s efforts to keep people at home and ensure social and physical distancing various TV channels entered the race to replay the popular serials. Doordarshan is the clear winner played the serials like RAMAYANA, Mahabharata, Shaktiman, Shrimaan Srimati.

The “humanism” epitomes selfless service beyond the call of duty. And this the

quality that has been shown by “the corona warriors” in India, during the country’s battle against COVID-19.

First came the doctors, nurses, ward boys, pathologists, pharmacists, and their ilk. As stricter norms came to be implemented, the policemen came to the force. With the lockdown, the providers of essential supplies made their presence felt: milk, vegetables, grocery, newspaper, water, electricity, telecommunication, and banking among others.
More or less the like the various stages of the virus many organizations come up helping the stuck people, providing them food, shelter, cannot forget the things done by the policemen too, supplied rations and medicine postmen started delivering cash and other essential commodities.
The media also played an important role in providing the latest updates of the things going around the world especially around the virus hotpots.
“Massage to all Indian People”
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