I often wonder, what one must do, with bread crumbs!

In one of my heart-wrenching epiphanies, it dawned upon me – that when it came to affection, I was settling for far too little. Breadcrumbs of affection, just enough to string you along, often end up being more distasteful than you’d imagine.

But wait. Before I elaborate on it, let me put forth the dilemma to be had here. Gratitude is known to be one of the most life-altering practices. So umm… aren’t we supposed to be grateful for these tiny inconsistent spikes of affection too?

How can you be grateful for the very thing that you uncompromisingly want to get rid of?

This is something that I am yet to figure out, and if anyone reading this has some thoughts about it, I’d love to hear.

What these breadcrumbs, essentially do to you, is that they inculcate a habit for settling for less. That is a dangerous habit to have, and habits are difficult to break. This sort of an arrangement leaves you yearning forever for more; and also the added trap of feeling guilty for feeling this way.

Our social structure necessitates external validation. It, therefore, becomes difficult to validate our own selves. To begin with, we may not even feel worthy of validating ourselves. Do you see the downward spiral here?

It becomes imperative to break free from this toxic cycle. (Note: the toxicity of the person is subjective). Do not sell your affection short. Of course, none of such experiences are linear and so, I continue to struggle to word a remedy, even as I engage with all my thoughts while penning down this narrative.

At best, for now, coating your savories and frying them, to go with the weather, seems like the best that breadcrumbs can offer!

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The author loves to engage with life and literature in equal measure. Writing is one of her means of creative self-expression, which she ardently strives to expand. In her spare time she loves to learn as well as teach new modalities. A published poet, she's currently engaged in voicing over an audiobook in collaboration with the Hindustan Times group: She also endeavours to extend her service to the community through tarot readings and reiki healing. Feel free to reach out to her at

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