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G.N.M And Nursing MCQs It is helpful to BSc Nursing, Staff Nurse, GNM Competitive Exams, and All India Medical, BSc Nursing, G.N.M Entrance Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well

Q1. Which of the following level data can be described by mean and median
(A) Ordinal
(B) Ratio
(C) Nominal
(D) Continuous

Q2 Which of the following measure will provide information regarding how different the data are within the sets-
(A) Analysis of variance
(B) Measures of central tendency
(C) Measures of dispersion
(D) Measures of variability

Q3 Teaching is based on
(A) Spiritual capacity
(B) Physical capacity
(C) Intellectual capacity
(D) Social capacity

Q4 When a learner learn through his/her own active response to teaching is called
(A) Creative learning
(B) Individual learning
(C) Self-active learning
(D) Purposive learning

Q4 Communication process is influenced by except
(A) Motivation
(B) Attitude
(C) Anger
(D) Culture difference

Q5 The most commonly used method in teaching is
(A) Discussion method
(B) Demonstration method
(C) Seminar method
(D) Lecture method

Q6 Which teaching method would be most appropriate to teach to a group of women to change their attitude towards the female children?
(A) Lecture
(B) Symposium
(C) Role play
(D) Discussion

Q7 In India, first M.Sc. nursing programme was started in RAK college in the year
(A) 1947
(B) 1968
(C) 1959
(D) 1946

Q8 Following are the true regarding lecture method, except-
(A) Time saving
(B) Easier to create
(C) Communication is two way
(D) Useful for large gathering

Q9 To increase awareness of rural populations towards the small family norm, the best method is
(A) Film Show
(B) Roleplaying
(C) Charts and exhibits
(D) Television

Q10 Which method is the placement of a series of variables in ascending or descending order
(A) Rating
(B) Likert scale
(C) Ranking
(D) Sort


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