Daily IT Quiz Mcq – 18

information technology
Dear Aspirants,

Daily IT Quiz is the basic part of the Himachal GK. It is helpful to increase your knowledge based on information technology. It is a series of Himachal Gk MCQs. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well

1. A medium for transferring data between two locations is called?
(A) Network
(B) Hard disk
(D) All of these

2. HTTP is a protocol for?
(A) E-mail
(B) Moving news articles around the network
(C) Fetching pages on the WWW
(D) All of these

3. In which of the following is not a goal of computer networks?
(A) Resource sharing
(B) High reliability
(C) Scalability
(D) None of these

4. A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass-through a central computer is?
(A) Bus network
(B) Ring network
(C) Star network
(D) Point-to-point network

5. What is the name of a device that connects two computers by means of telephone lines?
(A) Tape
(B) Modem
(C) Bus
(D) Cable

6. The transfer of data from CPU to peripherals devices of a computer is achieved through?
(A) Modems
(B) Interfaces
(C) Computer ports
(D) Buffer memory

7. Which of the following is not a transmission medium?
(A) Telephone lines
(B) Modem
(C) Coaxial cable
(D) Twisted coaxial cable

8. Terminals are used to?
(A) Enter data from user
(B) Provide information to school head
(C) Distribute the data in a network
(D) None of these

9. The software that you can install on PC to access the internet is the?
(D) Browser

10. Sending a file from PC’s primary memory or disk to another computer is called?
(A) Uploading
(B) Downloading
(C) Logging on
(D) Hang on


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