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Q1 The color of the skin is affected by
(A) Melanin
(B) Level of Hb saturation
(C) Level of bile pigments in the blood
(D) All of the above

Q2 Most reliable method of measuring body temperature is
(A) Oral
(B) Axillary
(C) Rectal
(D) Elbow

Q3 Who is known as “Father of medicine”
(A) Hippocrates
(B) Sushruta
(C) Charak
(D) Dhanwantari

Q4 Who is known as ‘Father of surgery’
(A) Danvantari
(B) Charak
(C) Sushruta
(D) Hippocrates

Q5 The structure that establishes a connection between the mother and fetus during intrauterine life is
(A) Placenta
(B) Decidua
(C) Vagina
(D) Uterus

Q6 Interstitial implantation of a fertilized ovum is completed on
(A) 5th day
(B) 11th day
(C) 20th day
(D) 2nd day

Q7 Physical changes that occur during puberty include
(A) Breast development
(B) Growth of pubic and axillary hair
(C) Menstruation
(D) All of the above

Q8 The first menstruation in a female is called as
(A) Menarche
(B) Menopause
(C) Dysmenorrhea
(D) Amenorrhea

Q9 Immunity means
(A) Disease resistance capacity
(B) Disease producing capacity
(C) Treatment of disease
(D) None of the above

Q10 Humoral immunity derived from
(A) Bone marrow-derived lymphocytes
(B) Thymus derived lymphocytes
(D) Platelets


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