General Science MCQ – 107 (Chemistry)

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General Science MCQs including Physics, Chemistry, Biology. This help is General Eligibility Test like Entrance Exam, Sainik School, NDA, Army, All India Competitive exam, and All HP Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. Which of the following species has 120o angles?
(A) NCI3
(B) PH3
(C) CIF3
(D) BCI3

2. Which of the following species has a trigonal planar shape?
(A) NO3
(B) CO2
(C) N3
(D) NO2

3. Which of the following has a linear shape?
(A) NO2
(B) NO2+
(C) O3
(D) SO2

4. If MX6 is a regular octahedral molecule, then hoe many X-M-X bonds are 180o?
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 6

5. Find the molecule I which the central atom is having one lone pair of electrons?
(A) NH3
(B) PCI5
(C) H2O
(D) CH4

6. In BrF3, lone pairs are present at the equatorial positions. This is to minimize?
(A) bp-bp repulsion only
(B) lp-lp repulsion only
(C) lp-bp repulsion only
(D) Both B and C

7. Find the species with a maximum bond angle?
(A) NH4
(B) SCI2
(C) NH3
(D) PCI3

8. XeF6 is?
(A) Distorted octahedral
(B) Tetrahedral
(C) Octahedral
(D) Planar

9. Number of bond pair and lone pair electrons present on N atom in NO3 are?
(A) 3, 1
(B) 4, 0
(C) 2, 2
(D) 1, 3

10. Fid the molecule with the latest bond angle?
(A) BeF2
(B) CH4
(C) NH3
(D) N2O

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