General Science Multiple Choice Question Physics Chemistry Biology For Competitive Exams 2020

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Dear Aspirants,

General Science MCQs including Physics, Chemistry, Biology. This help is General Eligibility Test like Entrance Exam, Sainik School, NDA, Army, All India Competitive exam, and All HP Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. ATM stands for?
(A) Automatic Teller Machine
(B) Automated Teller Machine
(C) Automatic Taller Machine
(D) Automated Taller Mechanism

2. A person is hurt on kicking a stone due to?
(A) Inertia
(B) Velocity
(C) Reaction
(D) Momentum

3. The fuse in pure domestic electric circuit melts when there is a high rise in?
(A) Inductance
(B) Current
(C) Resistance
(D) Capacitance

4. Which of the following is an example of cantilever beam?
(A) Diving board
(B) Bridge
(C) Seesaw
(D) Common balance

5. UK it is difficult to cook rice?
(A) At the top of a mountain
(B) At the sea level
(C) Under a mine
(D) Same anywhere

6. A dynamo is a device that?
(A) Creates mechanical energy
(B) Creates electrical energy
(C) Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
(D) Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

7. A soap bubble shows colors when illuminated with white light. This is due to?
(A) Diffraction
(B) Polarization
(C) Interference
(D) Reflection

8. The instrument used to see the distant objects on the Earth is?
(A) Terrestrial telescope
(B) Astronomical telescope
(C) Compound microscope
(D) Simple microscope

9. Global warming is expected to result in?
(A) Increase in the level of the sea
(B) Change in crop pattern
(C) Change in the coastline
(D) All of the above

10. Which of the following liquids has the least density?
(A) Fresh water
(B) Salt water
(C) Petrol
(D) Mercury

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