General Studies MCQ -62

general studies mcqs

Dear Aspirants,

General Studies MCQs are the basic part of Himachal competitive exams. It is helpful to HPSSSB, and State Banks Exams. It is a series of General knowledge  MCQ (including Indian History MCQs, Static gk) also help in the National level examination, Sainik School, NDA, and army exams, etc.

Q1. Who among the following is referred to as the father of Local Self Government in India ?
(A) Lord Curzon
(B) Lord Ripon
(C) Lord Hardinge
(D) Lord Dalhousie

Q2. Mahatma Gandhi’s entry into national politics started with the
(A) Champaran Movement
(B) Non-cooperation Movement
(C) Rowlatt Satyagraha
(D) Dandi March

Q3. The division of society into seven classes in the Mauryan period is mentioned in
(A) Kautilya’s Arthashastra
(B) Ashoka’s Edict
(C) The Puranas
(D) The Indica of Megasthenes

Q4. One of the salient features of the Rig-Vedic civilisation was the worship of:
(A) Nature
(B) Trinity
(C) Mother Goddess
(D) Pashupati

Q5. The Maurya dynasty was overthrown by :
(A) Menander
(B) Agnimitra
(C) Pushyamitra Sunga
(D) Brihadratha

Q6. Satvahanas minted their coins predominantly in
(A) Gold
(B) Copper
(C) Silver
(D) Lead

Q7. Akbar built Ibadatkhana at Fatehpur Sikri to:
(A) Conduct mass prayer
(B) Hold Darbar
(C) Hold religious discussion
(D) Hear public grievances

Q8. Which one of the given Mughal buildings bears the Inscription “If one Earth be an Eden of bliss it is this, it is this, none but this “.
(A) Diwan-i-Aam
(B) Taj Mahal
(C) Diwan-i-Khas
(D) Buland Darwaza

Q9. An English surgeon cured a serious disease of
(A) Bahadur Shah-I
(B) Jahandar Shah
(C) Farrukhsiyar
(D) Bahadur Shah-II

Q10. Which one of the following names can not be associated with the revolt of 1857 ?
(A) Begum Hazrat Mahal
(B) Maulvi Ahmadullah
(C) Peshwa Baji Rao-11
(D) Bahadur Shah-11

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