General Studies MCQ -58

general studies mcqs

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General Studies MCQs are the basic part of Himachal competitive exams. It is helpful to HPSSSB, and State Banks Exams. It is a series of General knowledge  MCQ (including Indian History MCQs, Static gk) also help in the National level examination, Sainik School, NDA, and army exams, etc.

Q1. For which of the following reasons was the Simon Commission adopted in 1927 ?
(A) For granting powers to Indian leaders
(B) To enquire into the working of the system of government and development of representative institution in British India
(C) To report on the working of the Act of 1909
(D) To enquire about Chauri-Chaura incident

Q2. Which of the following took great interest in the preservation of the ancient monuments in India ?
(A) Lord Amherst
(B) Lord Irwin
(C) Lord Linlithgow
(D) Lord Curzon

Q3. The Industrial Revolution first took place in :
(A) France
(B) England
(C) Germany
(D) America

Q4. In which of the following is noted for great advances in the European Renaissance of the fifteenth century ?
(A) Art and architecture
(B) Engineering
(C) Mathematics
(D) Medicine

Q5. Which of the following invented a cotton gin in 1793 ?
(A) Cartwright
(B) Hargreaves
(C) Eli Whitney
(D) Crompton

Q6. Jawaharlal Nehru launched the Independence for India League in 1928 to ?
(A) For capitalist-socialist unity
(B) Work for the establishment of an Indian republic on socialist ideas
(C) Attract the Communists towards the Congress
(D) For unity in Nationalist Movement in Princely states

Q7. Which of the following was the first commander of Indian National Army?
(A) Niranjan Singh Gill
(B) Mohan Singh
(C) Rash Behari Bose
(D) Subhash Chandra Bose

Q8. Which of the following was the most notable feature of the INA agitation ?
(A) Supported of all important political organisations
(B) Wide geographical reach
(C) Effect on the traditional bulwark of the Raj-the bureaucracy
(D) Positive response of the armed forces

Q9. Which of the following led the American forces in the American War of Independence ?
(A) John Adams
(B) Jefferson
(C) Robert Livingstone
(D) Washington

Q10. Which of the following British Commander was defeated in the war of American Independence and later became the Governor General of India ?
(A) Lord Amherst
(B) Lord Minto
(C) Lord Wellesley
(D) Lord Cornwallis

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